General Practice

London Fields park in summer

London Fields park in summer

I trained as a GP on the Homerton/Hackney GP training scheme in 2003 and was happy to continuing practising as a salaried GP at London Fields Medical Centre in the heart of the borough until 2018 when I moved to St Andrews Health Centre in Tower Hamlets.  Prior to becoming a GP, I was a hospital medical registrar until I realised I wanted to spend more time getting to know patients as people and to take account of their whole lives in my medical practice.

I still enjoy using my previous experience when it comes to diagnostic problems but feel that general practice has given me more skills to take a holistic view in helping patients manage their symptoms.

I have lived in Hackney for almost 30 years and both my professional and personal lives have been witness to enormous changes in the area within the last ten years. Gentrification and new waves of European immigrants have brought different medical problems, a need for new ways of consulting and the exchange of the traditional Hackney greasy spoon cafe for expensive and trendy shops selling shoes I can never hope, nor dare to wear.  I am not sure all of this is for the better.  You can find me saying more about this to the Hackney Gazette here.

I am also an appraiser and work in out of hours.